GRUPO TODARO by Rafael Ramirez & Nastasja Sas


Regular classes: Monday | 20.00-21.15 | Ungargasse 3

Price: 20€ one class per person | 180€ card of 10 classes (can be used by one couple)



is dedicated to explore style and steps of the re-known argentine tangoteacher ANTONIO TODARO.



He formed famous tangodancers with his ELEGANT - DYNAMIC & CLASSIC style that till today amazes spectators and is considered the high ART of TANGO.



In Vienna we are very lucky to have Rafael Ramirez, pupil and representative of Todaro's style.


Enjoy the unique opportunity in Vienna to learn with Rafael steps and sequences as well as leading and ladies' technique to master this style.


It requires coordination, solid body tension and promptness to be able to dance the challenging steps.



The time is right to truely dedicate yourself to what you love and really work on its ROOTS.


GRUPO TODARO is made for dancers who not only want to improve but actually get in touch with the history and culture of tango argentino. Deeper knowledge fullfills-


get on the journey of GRUPO TODARO!

We are looking forward to accompanying you on your tangopath -


Rafael & Nastasja


Tango'n'Theater Company *TANGOMOLINO* 


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