Nastasja Sas & Rafael Ramirez


TANGO for SINGLES starts 20th of April




No matter if you don’t have a tangopartner!

Come as you are to our new project where you learn essential moves and steps of tango argentino that we then put together into a dazzling choreography.



Like that you practice your tango-technique but also enjoy dancing to one of James Bond’s Hits!



Improve your tango in a fun way!



Start: Thursday 20th of April, 18.35 – 19.45


Where? Studio Igra, Ungargasse 3, 1030 Vienna


Price: 20€ (15€) each class or 8 times for 140€ (105€) (18th of May/ 8th of June no class)



Everybody is very welcome!


Contact: Nastasja Sas & Rafael Ramirez | | +43 681 84 33 75 17



Venice, my love

Newest tango-choreo-film by Nastasja Sas, Tato Vina, Rafael Ramirez

This choreography was created for my online tango-pupils as part of my tango-shortfilm-projects.


As Venice is the city of my dreams I decided to dance it there, surrounded by water and endangered beauty. The red umbrella stands for protection but is also a symbol for freeing oneself from protection that one just imagines to be in need of. I am very thankful that Tato Vina has provided again one of his fantastic tango-compositions "Sol de agonías". His music was inspiring me tremendously.

I was lucky that Rafael Ramirez, dancer and choreographer himself, acted as the cinematographer and in postproduction. One can see that his creativity has added to the result.


In case you would like to get your own tango-choreography-video, contact me. I would be happy to create your individual choreography and practice it with you until you are ready for shooting your own video. Life is short- fullfill your dreams!


Director & Producer: Nastasja Sas

Tangomusic "Sol de agonías": Tato Vina

Choreographer & Dancer: Nastasja Sas

Camera & Postproduction: Rafael Ramirez



Sept./Oct. 2022

Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, Cataratas del Iguazu and Salta


become part of our group - working our way to the roots of tango


GRUPO TODARO is dedicated to explore style and steps of the re-known argentine tangoteacher ANTONIO TODARO.

He formed famous tangodancers with his ELEGANT - DYNAMIC & CLASSIC style that till today amazes spectators and is considered the high ART of TANGO.

In Vienna we are very lucky to have Rafael Ramirez, pupil and representative of Todaro's style.

Enjoy the unique opportunity in Vienna to learn with Rafael steps and sequences as well as leading and ladies' technique to master this style.

It requires coordination, solid body tension and promptness to be able to dance the challenging steps.

The time is right to truely dedicate yourself to what you love and really work on its ROOTS to further deepen your knowledge.

GRUPO TODARO is made for dancers who not only want to improve but actually get in touch with the history and culture of tango argentino.


Deeper knowledge fullfills-

get on the journey of GRUPO TODARO!


Every Monday, 20.00-21.15

Studio IGRA, Ungargasse 3, Wien Mitte


Teaching-languages: English, Deutsch, Italiano, Espaniol

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an artistic transformation

by Nastasja Sas & Rafael Ramirez

Cinedanza Festival selected my tango-shortfilm "Paul, where are you? Yours, Jeanne"

I am very proud to announce that my tango-shortfilm "Paul, where are you? Yours, Jeanne" was selected for the Cinedanza Festival 2021 in Modena.


I want to thank Tato Vina for his amazing tango "Socotrock" and my dancers Kathi, Anna, Yvonne and Claudia. Also I wanna thank Robert! We are a great team!


Here you can SEE the FILM!


Dancing in homage to AMELITA BALTAR in the Galería Güemes' online museum of Buenos Aires

GREAT HONOUR dancing the homage for AMELITA BALTAR not only in this fantastic online magazin but also in the digital museum of *Galería Güemes* in Buenos Aires.
20 years in tango and my tangotheater company *tangomolino*, named after El Molino, my home in Bs. As. in 2009, took me there! What a journey! INCREDIBLE!

My experience in "El Molino", Buenos Aires, in digital magazines and the digital MUSEUM "El Molino"

9th of July 2021

Today I have the honorable task of giving you access to the digital museum of EL MOLINO in Bs. As. where also my tango'n'theater company * tangomolino * and my story appear.



In 2009 I lived on the 5th floor of this historically important building and named my tango'n'theater company *tangomolino* after it. Tango history was written in the confiteria on the ground floor of EL MOLINO and today you can also find my story in this newly acquired museum. For me a great honor and surprise, as you can imagine. Living there was an incredible gift. To have come into contact with so many nice people on this project - a continuation of that.


I hope you enjoy this trip to this magical, newly restored building. At times like these, it is a consolation for people who have been deprived of tango.


You can find the presentation of * tangomolino * on the 1st floor. Me with a poem on the cupula, up the stairs to the 6th floor.



Yours Nastasja and here the official invitation:

En el día de la Patria se adhiere a los festejos por los 105 años de la inauguración del Molino y los invita, este viernes a los homenajes que CC360 les comparte.
el 9 de julio clickear aquí
aca pueden recorrer a la revistas e-CC360Nº1confiteria del Molino


In 2009 I was living in one of the most prestigious buildings of Buenos Aires- El Molino. Now in 2021 alongside its renovation with the famous confiteria, where people used to also dance tango, I was asked to contribute my experiences of living there.
Here the digital magazin that is dedicated to EL MOLINO and where my tangotheater company *tangomolino* and my story is presented on page 32:


You can find another article in the best known digital newspapers of Latin America: Infobae
Living there was such an honour for me that coming back to Vienna I found my tango'n'theater company and named it *tangomolino*. And I am very happy that we still continue to exist and be more than just a group of people but friends❤ *tangomolino*
If you are interested in a really nice group of people, who share their valuable memories in connection to El Molino and details about its renovation, join the FB-group Confiteria del Molino.