Rafael Ramirez

Teacher, Dancer & DJ for Tango argentino

Get in touch with Rafael: rafaeltango@hotmail.com | 0043.681.

Rafael Ramirez is from Buenos Aires and dances the authentic argentine tango at events all over the world. He has worked with great artists of tango music such as Alberto Castillo, Argentino Ledesma, Ruben Juarez and Atilio Stamponi. At the Teatro Colon, Bs. As., he danced for the opera "Marathon". His international career has taken him to Asia, Europe and America. He also danced in several film productions, including "Evita" with Madonna, "Funes un gran amor" and "El acompañamiento".

As a choreographer and maestro de tango, he teaches at international festivals and is now based in Vienna, Austria. There he initiated the GRUPO TODARO to distribute the knowledge of this important figure of tangohistory. In 2021, the digital museum "Astor Piazzolla" presented a tango video with Nastasja Sas & Rafael. 2022 Rafael & Nastasja were invited at the 28th anniversary of LA VIRUTA de SOLANAS in Bs. As. not only to teach advanced steps of Todaro but also to dance show.


Rafael is teaching tango argentino since 35 years. He has taught tango internationally and is now teaching in Vienna, Austria. His speciality is tango salón and combinations with the style of Antonio Todaro.

Tango DJ

Rafael's experience of DJing goes back 35 years. He put on music at the milongas of Buenos Aires as well as all over Europe and in Japan. His way of creating atmosphere in a milonga with his choice of music is unique.


Rafael's carreer as a tangoshowdancer led him from Japan over Europe to America. He has also danced in several movies. Together with great artists like Alberto Castillo, Argentino Ledesma, Ruben Juarez, Atilio Stamponi, the orchester of Dragone amoung others he worked in famous theaters such as the Teatro Colon in Bs. As.